Being Alone Together was set up in response to the Corona virus pandemic, as many of us around the world were asked to stay at home and self-isolate. We realised that for many people being alone or with just a few others, would be a daunting prospect.


Concerned for people’s mental health and wellbeing, we gathered together people with interesting and powerful experiences of isolation. They shared with us inspiring ways of thinking about being alone, giving us their tips on how to stay well and happy, and even make this unexpected isolation a positive, beneficial experience..

Meet The Team

Anna Fraser

Anna is a wellbeing advisor who works with charities and other organisations to support the health and happiness of the people who work there. She is a Mental Health First Aider and is keen to encourage open discussion and support on mental health in the workplace.


Anna has practiced and trained in meditation and mindfulness for over 10 years, with some of the world’s leading meditation teachers. She spent two years living in Buddhist monasteries where she trained as a novice Buddhist nun, once spending three months in silent isolation.


She is spending the lockdown on her own in a little cottage in England.

Celeste John-Wood

The one in the yellow raincoat!

Celeste (she/they) is an artist from Brighton, currently living and studying in Edinburgh.

Celeste works across disciplines to make multimedia visual art, commonly using photography and printmaking. At the moment they are pursuing illustration as a means to experiment with visual languages, explore art in activism and learn as much as possible about design and making!

During the lockdown she is staying with her family in the South of England by the coast.

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