Helping people feel positive and well in isolation. 

If you are finding isolation difficult, take heart...

As millions of us around the world are in lockdown in response to the Coronavirus, we are sharing learnings and inspiration from people with real-life experience of working with their minds to feel well in isolation.

With more videos, articles and live conversations on their way, we hope to support you with new perspectives and practical tips to help you feel happier and mentally healthier during your own isolation adventure.

Adventures in isolation

Our latest interviews with people with inspiring experiences of isolation. 

Learning to live with tips from a Buddhist nun 


Sister Jayati, shares her three top tips on how to work with your mind in isolation...bringing awareness to what your mind is doing.

The big problem is thinking

As a lone carer and in shielded isolation as someone in the high risk category, former Buddhist monk Tim shares the learnings from his experience of isolation in forest huts that are most helping him now.

You can learn to work with your mind

Buddhist nun Sister Jayati, shares her guidance on how we can work with isolation from her experience of solitary retreat and contemporary monastic life. 

We are sharing people’s personal experiences, which are not intended as a substitute for professional or specialist advice. If you or someone else needs further support, please look to our further support page.

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